Craig has been hounding me for sometime to make some changes to our website. He has wanted us to change our navigation to make it easier and quicker for people to find what they want. He also really wants a more interactive site that gives people a reason to be there besides just registering for a program. It’s not that I’ve resisted, I’m actually in 100% agreement, but somehow there’s always been another priority or we just haven’t felt it was the right time. Well, the time is NOW and the priority has become number 1!

Jay, our IT chief (that’s him in the photo above pondering the screen) and David our chief web developer and architect, have undertaken the task with gusto. In the past few days they’ve added links, pictures, video and more. Soon they will be creating a merchandise store and from what I hear there will be a place for students to connect with their artist peers, announce their own projects, and upload their work, whether it be a film or a script or a scene from a play or musical. I’m excited…I hope you will be too!