“No Risk Enrollment Policy”
Preparing for Summer 2022 – (COVID-19 Updates)

Updated March 10, 2022

Preparing for Summer 2022

Students and parents are calling and asking about our COVID-19 plans for on-campus programs in summer 2022. The reality is that our plans are rapidly evolving based on the latest scientific evidence, guidance from the CDC, and advice and learnings from our university hosts and partners. The good news is that our website is current with the universities that feel they are ready to accept guests on campus this summer. We are learning to pivot quickly and prepare for this “new normal.” The safety and health of our students has always been our number one priority right along with our determination to provide the best training in the arts for our future generation. Our teaching artists and our entire staff and administration remain committed to student and staff safety. It is the #1 consideration behind all of our planning, decisions, and protocols.  Because guidance, protocols and scientific evidence is changing daily, we don’t have all the answers yet. However, we promise open, transparent and two-way communication with all of our US Performing Arts families.

Expectations and COVID Regulations for US Performing Arts Residential Programs

We are taking our direction from our university partners in preparing for this summer. We can all work together this year to help reduce/STOP the spread of COVID-19. The protocols may vary from campus to campus depending on local guidelines but below are some of the protocols we expect to implement.  We expect at this writing that masking requirements will be lifted for all program participants, but those rules have not been firmly established yet. If that is the case, we will establish our own masking requirements and inform you by email. If masking is required, then students will be allowed to make their own choice as to whether they wish to mask. Other expectations, according to current guidelines, may include:

  • Proof of COVID vaccination or medical exemption (Religious exemptions will not be accepted)
  • A daily symptom monitoring survey
  • COVID testing with negative result prior to arrival
  • Program participants are limited to one guest in their room at a time, and the guest must be another USPA program participant or staff member 
  • Respecting closures and limits on community spaces including bathrooms, common spaces and study areas, and restrictions on events and social activities, per public health guidance and USPA guidelines
  • Required isolation/quarantine for residents who are exposed to or test positive to COVID-19 (symptomatic or asymptomatic) while in residency

Below are some of the common questions we’ve received:

Are you planning to run on-campus programs this summer?
Yes, at this time we are planning to operate on-campus programs. Our ability to operate on-campus is dictated by city, state, and local COVID-19 protocols. In addition, US Performing Arts must work within the guidelines of each university’s COVID plans. 

What if US Performing Arts cannot run on-campus programs this summer? Will I get a refund?
Yes, if we are unable to operate your program we will give you the option of transferring to another campus or one of our virtual programs, rolling over your tuition to the summer of 2022, or having your tuition refunded in full less the registration fee. 

What if I want to cancel my student’s program?
We are offering Risk Free Enrollment. You can cancel for any reason prior to May 1, and receive a full refund minus the registration fee.

Will students and staff need to get tested for COVID prior to arriving on-campus?
USPA will require students and staff to have and show proof of a negative PCR test prior to arriving on-campus. The results must be negative for COVID-19 in order for a student or staff member to arrive on-campus. As we get closer to the start of our programs we will provide all guidance and specific requirements.

Will US Performing Arts require students to wear masks?
If required by the health and safety regulations of our university hosts and partners, along with guidance from the CDC, we will require students and staff wear face masks at all times when leaving their room. This includes, but is not limited to, common areas, hallways and elevators, vehicles, and when within 6 feet of others outside. 

Will students have roommates?
This too will be in accordance with the health and safety regulations of our university hosts and partners, at this time we are expecting to offer double room occupancy. Should you wish to request a single room we will do the best we can to accommodate your request. There will be an additional charge for a single room.

Apply and Register with Confidence

Risk Free EnrollmentAt US Performing Arts, we understand the unpredictability in the world right now. That’s why we are giving our students the option to protect their investment in their creative and educational future. Apply, register, and pay your deposit today, and you have until May 1, 2022, to cancel your enrollment without penalty. That’s right, just let us know by the deadline and you’ll get your money back minus the registration fee.

  • Enroll in the program and pay your $300 deposit (Fully refundable until May 1)
  • Non-Refundable $150 registration fee required at time of deposit
  • Let us know your plans by May 1, 2022, if you need to cancel!
  • Should USPA cancel the program after May 1, 2022 you will receive a full refund minus registration fee, or credit towards a future program

Flexibility and Options
We’re also working hard to give our students a variety of program options to promote their specific creative passion. Stay connected to see what we’re doing and where you fit! Please note that all on-campus residencies, workshops, and activities are subject to change due to current university safety protocols and needs.  WE ARE PLANNING OPTIONS TO SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY AND FURTHER YOUR GROWTH.

COVID-19 Commitment
We are committed to monitoring the global situation and providing recommendations on how USPA can adapt this summer. Our goal is to provide proactive, timely and transparent communication so our families can make the most informed decisions about their summer plans. We are making decisions rooted in science, research, best-practices, and CDC Guidelines. We are also closely partnered with universities to understand challenges, opportunities, and best practices.

A message from our leadership

Judith PattersonTo Our Friends and Partners Around the World,   We hope this message finds you safe and well. As you may know, US Performing Arts is based in the United States and as we begin to enter the Post-Pandemic World, we hope we will begin to see less of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis that has marked our lives the past two years. Our staff members are still working diligently to meet our partners’ and our students’ needs, while keeping our team members safe.   As you are aware, the education industry has been severely impacted by COVID-19. In these uncertain times, we want you to know that US Performing Arts remains strong and creatively courageous. We pride ourselves in our integrity, authenticity, creativity, and passion. We are celebrating more than 20 years of giving students the training and tools they need to succeed educationally, professionally, and in life! Our team is committed to innovating and pivoting our program offerings to meet the needs of our future generation of artists. We are even enjoying the occasional pivot which stokes our internal creativity. To that end, we have launched a new US Performing Arts charitable non-profit organization to support certain programs, scholarships, and important performing and digital arts projects for our students. We are open to new partnerships and collaborations. We feel this innovative team spirit is helping US Performing Arts maintain its resiliency and continue to provide unparalleled experiences for our students - today and always. We look ahead with optimism to Summer 2022 and are excited to share our outstanding workshops and programs with you as we pledge to remain strong and student-focused, now and in the future.

Signed, Judith Patterson
Judith Patterson President/CEO