Do International Students need visas?

Students and their families are responsible for obtaining any required visas. Due to the brief period of time of our programs, international students should obtain a short stay Tourist Visa, (not a Student Visa), from the American Embassy or Consulate in their home...

Will my child be safe?

The safety and well-being of our campers is a top priority of our directors and staff. Campers are supervised 24 hours a day. The mentor staff lives in the residence halls with the campers and joins in all their evening activities.

What about cell phones, iPads, and other electronics?

All electronics are welcome, but US Performing Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Students are allowed to bring cell phones to camp. However, unless an instructor requests that cell phones be used as part of the class instruction, students will be asked...

What about drugs and alcohol?

Drugs, alcohol, smoking, and sexual activity are strictly forbidden at all US Performing Arts Programs. US Performing Arts staff has the right to search for illegal substances. Students who violate this policy, or commit general misconduct, will be immediately...

Will my child like the food?

All of our college campuses offer a wide variety of exceptionally outstanding food. Every camper should be able to find good nutritional choices that they will enjoy eating.  Please contact us when you register if your child has any special dietary needs.