How are students grouped?

In some classes students will be grouped by ability and experience. In those classes where students benefit most by a collaborative experience and peer interaction there will be an array of abilities. Students attending dance classes will be assessed and grouped on...

What will the Information Packet include?

Immediately after registering you will receive an email confirmation that you are registered in the camp of your choice. In late May or early June you will receive an Information Packet that will include all of the particulars for your specific camp. It will contain...

Will my child need to bring any equipment from home?

Yes, some of the camps will publish a list of items (clothes, shoes, and equipment) that they would like their students to bring with them. For example, the Playwriting/Screenwriting Camp recommends that each student bring a laptop computer and voice recorder with...

Will there be off campus trips?

Yes, some of the camps will be taking curriculum-enhancing field trips. These trips will be completely supervised within our faculty/student ratio in safe vans or buses with approved drivers. Some camps will also include fun day-trips to area attractions.

What recreational activities will be available?

Each of our residential campsites offers full recreational facilities, including swimming, for use by our campers. Campers will have time to enjoy these supervised recreational activities.