Happy New Year

There is a certain excitement that comes with the New Year that I guess is brought about by the anticipation of the new. It probably is the belief we hold of the opportunity to start over, start new, make changes. In that spirit I share this list with you. Pick a couple to put on your New Year’s Resolution List. Number 1 is non-negotiable. It’s a New Year’s necessity. Every serious artist must be in class learning their craft and stretching their artistic muscle. And don’t forget to take a US Performing Arts Summer Intensive!

  • Invest in your craft. (Take classes or audit with the best teachers you can find.)
  • Have an artistic adventure – take a class in something you haven’t done yet. (If you’re an actor take a dance class, write, make a film.)
  • Go to the theater at least once a month. Diversify – see classical, modern and musical productions. (There are a variety of seating prices and sometimes “standing room” or “pay what you can” prices.)
  • Support a season of an “up and coming” dance company.
  • See the Metropolitan Opera Company on screen.
  • Attend at least one film festival (Sundance, Telluride, Mill Valley, New York)
  • Attend at least one youth film festival.
  • Visit an art museum regularly.
  • Attend at least one classical music concert and one jazz concert.
  • READ (Plays, books, screenplays)

Have a happy new year… and make 2008 count!