I was a very early proponent and user of MySpace feeling that it was, and is, a great way to connect and build a community. I look back now and laugh at the summer of 2004 when I was telling our campers about this great new website and showing them how to create an account. Now the website and its applications has grown way beyond my knowledge of use. I’m still a big proponent of MySpace and Facebook but I also have the usual concern about how we use those sites.

As an employer I know that I look up new prospective hires on MySpace to see how they represent themselves to the public and I certainly form judgments based on what I see and read. About a year ago in a conversation with some admissions’ counselors I became aware that colleges and universities are checking out their applicants for inappropriate behavior by viewing their MySpace pages. Recently I received some information on a new site called admish.com. This site is being touted as THE site to be networking on when you are applying to college. Yesterday an excellent article by Joannne Levy-Prewitt appeared in her Campus Notebook column in the San Francisco Chronicle. I highly recommend reading it to all our college-bound students and their parents.