The past few weeks have been very busy putting the final touches on our 2008 season. And, like yesterday’s blog said, it’s been necessary to really be in the moment as we make decisions on website design, marketing campaigns, catalog image, and the additions of new sites and programs. I’ve been multi-tasking to the max and sometimes not too well. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a tough taskmaster, holding the bar high for everyone but even higher for myself. So the days are often long but the rewards are great.

My biggest reward right now is my business trip east. Traveling on business is never my my idea of seeing the world,
and in the press of the moment, I admit that not a lot of attention has gone into looking ahead at my travel plans. In fact, the only “travel plan” is my flight to JFK . I haven’t yet connected the dots to the rest of my journey. I don’t even have a flight booked for home yet! I actually do have friends who think that all the travel I do must be very glamorous. I would love to have them “walk in my shoes,” so to speak sometime. Getting anywhere in this day of airport security and air traffic control delays is a nightmare, but the pot of gold at the end of the journey is always worth it. This trip is filled with “perks.” Lots of evenings at the theater which I will write about later. My meetings are with people I admire and who always invigorate me and stir my creative juices.

I’ll be in NYC for about four days which is plenty of time to go to Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, and several Broadway theaters. Many of my meetings involve meals and I’m hoping to find time to stop in at my new favorite dessert spot. Last year when Craig and I were in New York and walking and talking the smell of fresh stirred vats of chocolate drew us in…only to find out it was their opening day. A true NY find. Then it’s off to Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. By this time next week I will have earned my way back home and hopefully will have some exciting stories to tell.