For the past several years we have had phone calls, e-mails and verbal requests for USPAUS Performing Arts Sweatshirt logo wear. Our practice, as a benefit of coming to our workshops, has been to give a USPA branded t-shirt and water bottle to every participant, a practice we will continue. Additionally we have given our faculty and staff other branded items such as travel bags and sweatshirts which the students are always asking about. Since we pride ourselves as an organization in listening to our students we thought we had better take heed. However, we are very aware that what students think they want mid-season may not be something they’re interested in once school begins.

Earlier this year we decided to do a short survey inquiring of our database whether or not they would be interested in purchasing branded items specific to their workshops. The responses showed a resounding “YES.” Not only that, they told us US Performing Arts Film T-shirtwhat items they want to have and when they would wear them! We know our students want seasonal wear…heavier in the winter and lighter weight in the summer. We know they want a full array of clothes from sweatpants to t-shirts and bags they can use when traveling to camp and they want things specific to each of the genres we teach. We also know our students want good quality. In other words, the merchandise should be at the same level of excellence that our workshops are…and that we expect of our students.

Our designers have been busy. We’ve gotten lots of input from student advisers and our merchandise and apparel suppliers about what high school and college students are wearing. We think we have started a line that is exciting. We must have because they’re certainly selling and our entire administrative staff has been purchasing their own items as soon as they come in, which I happen to think is pretty funny because I’m sure if I had established an office staff uniform I could never enforce it. Now when I look around the office everyone is wearing something with our brand on it. I hope you will too!