Actors, writers, directors, designers learn not only from their own work but from going to the theater to see the work of others. Those who want to work in the film industry do the same with film, seeing all genres of film from big commercial films to small independent films and even student films. Since all of our faculty are established working professionals it’s fun to see what they’re doing with their professional non-teaching time.Last week I tuned into the television show Without A Trace and saw Dinah Lenney in a guest starring role. I knew she had shot the show but I didn’t know the air date so I was pleased to catch it. The remarkable thing for me was watching her solid work, seeing her put into play all the things I hear her telling her students. I realized as I watched that we need to let our students know when their faculty is doing work they can view…or read! So many of our faculty write books and articles that I know we be interesting to our students. Dinah’s a good example of that. With her friend and colleague (and another of our faculty) Mary Lou Belli
she co-authored Acting for Young Actors:The Ultimate Teen Guide. Dinah’s newest book is a memoir entitled Bigger Than Life, A Murder, A Memoir. It’s not only a wonderful read but it is a great insight into a lovely actress. Now she not only teaches acting, but she is also teaching writing in the graduate writing program at USC. But as I said, mark your calendar. This Wednesday night, October 17 Dinah’s next guest starring role is in Private Practice.