Hey guys,

Some of you who read this may know me (how awesome). At any rate, I’m Matthew Burstyn and here’s a little a bit about myself and how I’m linked to the USPA family.

I’ve attended 7 different courses (8 weeks total) in the summers of ’06 and ’07. Spectrum Theater (One of the first students for this course, alongside the lovely Sarah Smithton), Theater, Acting For The Camera (Twice!), Theater Conservatory, SitCom acting and lastly, College Audition Workshop. All taken at the UCLA campus. All wonderful experiences. Since then I’ve been doing theater at my High School. I can hold my head up rather high saying that I’ve had quite a successful career there thanks to all my training. In my two years there, I’ve come to love everything Judith does here with the rest of USPA, and a lot of my fellow campers and mentors are still friends I keep contact with daily.

I recently created my own blog, dedicated to acting and arts. I’ll be posting and updating often here on Judith’s Blog and my own: ActorsPrepare (ActPrep for short).

Please check back and forth between the two, as I’ll be creating individual content for each.

Take Care,