First day of rehearsal for me was February 12, 2008 @12noon. I started rehearsal a week later than everyone else at the theatre’s request. My one scene is with Barbara, who plays Sister Aloysius. She and I did a table read of our scene and did a very brief background discussion. We then put the scene on its feet. I have an advantage over Barbara in that I just completed a run of this show in December at TheaterWorks in Hartford CT. I am off book and have the character inbred in my bones. I let the director know that I am a lump of clay and can be molded any way he likes. The first thing we talked about was slowing down my speech, which in and of itself, is a serious challenge. I am a fast talker by nature so I am doing the exact opposite of what I was doing in CT and what I do as Cherene. My own slight Southern accent has taken on a more pronounced effect for the purpose of this role. I told the director speaking slower is very much a challenge but “I am all about a challenge.”

I came into this process being a little concerned whether this cast could match the one I just left. I think that that thought is normal since the time is so close together. This is only the second week of rehearsal, the first for me, and things are moving along. Our scene is beginning to take shape nicely and the director is open to free expression. Everyone in the cast is great and this is definitely a lesson in listening to your partner(s) and building a relationship with that person(s) and letting go of that previous experience. I’ve gained some information on southern dialects and that is always wonderful for future reference. I’ve had a couple of days off so I’ve only had 2 or 3 rehearsals so far. I’ll keep you posted on upcoming rehearsals. We have a designers run-thru on Tuesday. I affirm you all had a great week and know you will have an amazing one ahead. Peace and Blessings until Tuesday.

Cherene Snow