When I was training as a dancer the answer to that question was always a resounding no, but today I would say, “You bet they do!” Dancers not only go to college to continue their training but many professional dancers are simultaneously performing and going to school too.

I think there are many reasons for this trend. Not all dancers are ready to audition at age 17 and some want to continue their serious training while pursuing a degree. Universities are beginning to see the value of dance as an art form and hire top faculty to teach and choreograph. They have also “moved” their dance departments and divisions to their academic and artistic arenas. Colleges now offer a dance minor or BA, BFA, and MFA degrees and many schools allow students from outside the department to take classes and audition to perform. Some schools have built magnificent performance spaces which attract students.

Another attractive thing for dancers is the opportunity to explore genres of dance that they have not yet discovered. In fact, many modern dancers discover this form of dance in their college environment. Another popular realm of college dance is in world arts and culture.

The best way for a dancer to find a college program that will benefit them the most is to look for a solid summer program taught by the college faculty in the disciplines that represent their course of study for their undergraduates. That way the dancer can answer the question,”Do dancers go to college?” for them self.