Ok……………………. We had our first preview Feb. 29th and it was so good to get an audiences’ reaction. You don’t really know the depth of what you have until you feel and hear the energy and experience the presence of those who have not seen it before. This is my second time doing this show and although the usual reactions occure in the usual places, it’s still a joy to hear it and get that extra boost from the audience. Before each performance, we have pre-show discussion that I was asked to lead. I truly enjoy interacting with those in attendance. The director put together a script for me about the playwright (John Patrick Shanley), Catholicism and its connection to the play. I learned a lot of new information about the history of the Catholic church and some of its practices. The audiences enjoy the pre-show discussion and are passionate about it. They also enjoy the show a great deal. We have had several priests and sisters who have come to see it and they absolutely love it. The show closes on Easter Sunday. It was a very short run and I have enjoyed my time here. I’ll send a final blog regarding the show and my experience on next week. Peace and Love.


Cherene Snow