Learn from award winning director Phil Ramuno! Phil has directed over a hundred episodes of network television and is currently directing the YouTube comedy series he created, “The Vamps Next Door” that has more than thirteen million views!

Learn how to act in front of the camera by acting in front of the camera. This summer acting camp, taught by award winning director Phil Ramuno¬† will show you the ins and outs of acting in front of the camera. Students will learn the similarities and differences between stage and film acting. Using scenes from current film and television scripts, students will work “on camera” every day. Students will explore and work on monologues, scenes from soap operas, sitcoms, and television commercial work. They will also alternate roles assisting in production of group scenes- lighting, slating, and standing in as extras. Students will utilize the university campus for outdoor film scenes. At the end of the program, students will screen a compilation of the scenes they worked on during the week for their parents and friends. This is a must for all actors!