Hosted virtually for Summer 2021 at
Yale University

New Haven, CT
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In adhering to all local regulations, following all national, county, city, and campus guidelines, and in concern for the needs of their college student body, Yale University has made the early decision NOT to host residential summer workshops for Summer 2021. US Performing Arts will offer the same outstanding workshops, at a reduced tuition, during the same weeks as originally planned for the in-person workshops at Yale this year. Should anything change between now and the start of these virtual workshops, USPA enrolled students will be the first invited to attend in-person. We know that a virtual workshop is not your “first choice.” We promise that our virtual workshops will not be a second-choice option, but rather a result of being nimble and willing to pivot when necessary. Our virtual workshops will be small, interactive, and give each student the opportunity to work closely with our renowned faculty and with their peers. Should we be able to pivot once again to holding these workshops on campus students enrolled virtually with have the first option to attend in the order in which they applied.    Please review our “No Risk Enrollment Policy” for more information.



Location Overview

Yale can trace its roots back over 300 years. In the 1640s colonial clergymen led an effort to establish a liberal arts college in the tradition of European liberal education. In 1701 the Connecticut legislature adopted a charter which established the “Collegiate School” and in 1718 it was renamed Yale College when merchant Elihu Yale donated the proceeds from the sale of nine bales of goods, 417 books and a portrait of King George I.

Located just 90 minutes from New York City in New Haven, CT, this scenically beautiful campus with stellar academics and a renowned Drama Department can be your home away from home this summer.

Residence Hall

Information coming soon.

Health & Safety

Travel Safety

In light of security measures being implemented by the airline industry for all arriving and departing air travel, US Performing Arts Camps is taking every step possible to make your child’s travels safe and simple this summer. Please take special note of the pickup and drop off procedure for all US Performing Arts campers traveling to camp by air. Also, as a reminder, per airline regulations, children age 12 and older must present a valid photo I.D. or birth certificate to board any flight. Please make sure your child is carrying some form of identification.

Camp Safety

All students attending a US Performing Arts Program are required to fill and bring the following forms to camp. Students will not be admitted to a program without these forms.

Required Forms Available May, 2020



Students check-in between 2 – 4pm on the first day of camp. Students will be housed in dormitories on the Yale University campus.


Information coming soon.

All Residential

Students attending a US Performing Arts program are required to submit a travel form no later than 2 weeks prior to their program start date. If you plan on driving your student to camp, please check the NO TRAVEL REQUIRED box. The travel form may be completed online when you log in to get your information packet. *An additional $150 will be charged to your account for arriving/departing outside our specified time.

Information Packets

Camp Information Packet Available May, 2020

Required Forms

The following forms are required for camp. Please print, fill out, and BRING THEM TO CHECK IN. Students will not be admitted to camp without the forms. The forms may also be downloaded online when you log in to get your Information Packet.

Required Forms Available May, 2020

Typical Weekday

Typical Day Campers are busy with classes from morning until evening. Weekly highlights can include guest speakers, a catered party, or a chaperoned fieldtrip.

A typical day schedule looks like this*:


7:30 – Wake Up

8:00 – Breakfast

8:30 – Mentor Meetings/Warm Ups

9:00 – Workshop I

10:30 – Workshop II

12:00 – Lunch/Rest


1:30 – Workshop III

2:30 – Workshop IV

4:00 – Group Work

5:30 – Dinner


6:00 – Lecture/Video/Evening Activities

8:00 – Homework/Rehearsal

10:00 – Campers to Room

10:30 – Lights Out

*This is a generic schedule to give you an idea of how your day will be spent. All programs have time scheduled for recreational activities, special events, a party activity, and general fun!


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Phil Ramuno

Phil Ramuno


Rick Hawkins

Rick Hawkins

Screenwriter & Producer


Do you have questions? A US Performing Arts specialist would like to help you select the right workshop. Please fill out this form and we’ll reply to you within 1 business day.