ATC Announcement

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Atlantic Theater Company. This summer program will allow students to explore the option of entering a professional conservatory training program along with more traditional BA and BFA college and university programs.

In staying true to our mission statement, “representing the best in performing arts and media education,” we select our partners very carefully. And we have THE best partners. Each program is selected for its depth of education in the craft, dynamic faculty and how it fits in to help us create a network of educational diversity that will benefit our students. Keeping in mind that each student comes with his own set of criteria, experience and goals, and that there is a perfect fit somewhere for that student, we enjoy watching their progress in discovering their own road to the arts. The letters we receive from our alumni and parents are a testimony to that.

Students come to our summer programs in several categories; those who know (or think they know) exactly what they want to do with their life and therefore their training, and like a train on a track, nothing will deter them; those who have no idea what direction or focus they will take but are pretty sure they want to be in the arts somewhere and would like some guidance; those who feel they will go on to pursue some degree in college other than the arts but are looking to stay connected. All tend to have the same summer goal: to improve their craft and figure out how to achieve their next step.

Each year as USPA adds new sites and workshops we think carefully about that mission statement and how its application will benefit our students. We look for schools in geographic areas whose programs are perhaps unknown to most but whose level of excellence will promote and demand growth. We look for schools that meet the artistic needs of our students. We partner and represent programs that are 4 year BA degree programs and programs that are BFA driven and now for the first time we are announcing our partnership with a professional training conservatory. We hope this will help students research their education more thoroughly and make more informed choices when applying to schools.