There is never “just another day” at USPA. No matter how busy we get we’re interested in each others’ achievements, as well as those of our campers. Lucie is my assistant this year. I say this year because as much as I don’t want it to happen I know that she will leave us one of these days. She’s a great assistant but more than that she is incredibly talented.

I first met Lucie when she attended our programs at UCLA about four years ago. A year ago she applied and was accepted for an internship position in our office and has continued on working with us. Lucie had applied and been accepted to college for the fall of this year but after attending the College Audition Workshop last summer she decided to defer her acceptance, work for a year and apply to some schools she hadn’t thought about prior to the workshop. She’s put together a very full year of study (acting classes, acting classes, acting classes), work and auditions. She has already mapped out the schools that she now feels are a better fit for her and she plans to go back to work next summer with the UCLA faculty that so inspired her. But what made today not “just another day?” Lucie asked for the morning off to audition for an agent. She felt confident and enjoyed the process and received excellent feedback. I don’t think it will be long before you see Lucie on the screen. She’s still heading to college though!