Get ready for the only film camp that teaches you the entire pipeline of Hollywood!

If you are an Advanced Film Student and have a working knowledge of Digital Cameras, DSLRs, HD Cameras, Digital Work Stations and the Filmmaking Process, then our 2-Week Advanced Digital Film Camp is for you!  Our outstanding faculty will cover a multitude of subjects and industry standards while sharing their knowledge and professional experiences with all of our students.

The 2-Week Advanced Digital Film Camp will cover:

Students will be shown how to develop their ideas into screenplays through a development process that is designed to help identify pitfalls and remove any weaknesses in their story – before they begin writing their script.

Students will learn the differences in Lighting for:  A Studio, Stylistic or Available Light scene.  As well as an in depth study of Recreating Master Lighting Techniques and the different duties of the lighting department.

Starting with the industry standard of Production the students will have the same tools available to them on set as feature productions in Hollywood. From there we go to the Post Production process where we will utilize the Adobe Master Suite, also used by David Fincher, Disney and Marvel, which includes Color Correction & Editing in Premiere Pro.

Students will learn advanced VFX practices with the same tools that have been used in movies such as Avatar, Pacific Rim & The Martian, learning how to shoot for Post Production on set to how to combine CGI elements in a finalized film.  We will go through the practices of gathering all the location information as well as how to capture light information which is incredibly important for the post production workflow.

This Program is designed to push the already knowledgeable, advanced students in developing their technical skills, artistic vision and personal voice as Filmmakers.  By the end of our 2-Week Advanced Digital Film Camp, students will have created sophisticated, high caliber films that can be submitted in their various college application processes and to local, regional, and national Film Festivals.  Many of our students have continued their education at some of the best film schools in America, including:  USC, New York University, Chapman University, Loyola-Marymount, UCLA and Cal Arts to name a few.  Most importantly, our 2-Week Advanced Digital Film Camp will be overflowing with exciting artistic discoveries, the mastery of new cutting edge techniques, as well as the opportunity to meet new friends, collaborate, network and have loads of fun in the Southern California surf and sun.  All of our Advanced Students films will be screened on the last day of the program.

Enrollment in this 2 Week Advanced Digital Film Camp Workshop is extremely limited, so if this is for you, be sure to sign up early!