I take the “overflow” calls in our office and I do it on purpose. It keeps me close to our customers and helps me understand their interests and needs even though it sometimes interrupts my train of thought or a project.

Yesterday a caller asked, “Are you a camp or an educational program.” Good question! In fact, it’s one I often ask myself and discuss with our directors. In our catalog last year I touched on it. I wrote, “Webster defines the word ‘camp’ as a ‘group of people who share the same ideas, beliefs, or aims.’ In this way US Performing Arts is in part a camp. Our goal is for you to experience the wonders, excitement and FUN of a comprehensive conservatory-style summer program.” I went on to explain to this mother that we are much more. We want you to find us so we have to start with words that will help you search and since we are a summer program many people start their search with the word camp. Our programs do fulfill Webster’s definition, but there is even a greater benefit, and that’s the life-long learning skills that are bolstered and rewarded through the experience. It is the pre-college experience that readies a student to enter college with confidence, not to mention the honing of a student’s craft, giving them the potential to embark on a professional career. So what is the answer? Yes! We are a camp…and an important educational program.