We had a run thru for the artistic director, dialect coach and a couple of the designers. It was a little slow going but we got through it. The director and dialect coach decided that I should drop my southern accent……YEAH!!!!!! As I said before, I am not a slow talker and it was a challenge fighting against my northern nature with a southern accent. Now that it’s gone I actually, kind of miss it. I know, that sounds crazy but I do. I love the sound of the southern accent even though in this production it took some of the realness of the moment away from the piece. I’m finding my footing with this production more now. When you do the same play back to back in different productions, it’s all about the relationships with the new cast and finding new and exciting ways to portray the character. I am definitely finding new elements with the director and I am very happy about that. I am getting more comfortable with who Mrs. Muller is this time around. Thursday is rehearsal @ noon and a designer run thru @ 3pm. We have notes afterwards and end of day @ 6pm. I’ll talk to you then.

Cherene Snow